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The Best Beginner Practice Routine for 2022 (Piano Lesson)

You and I Make A Great Title For Artists From Queen To Lady Gaga

A popular soft drink company has been running a musical promotion all summer, placing famous song lyrics on their bottles. While I usually enjoy reading the words to see if I recognize the particular song, I have discovered that many of their selections have become repetitive. Just yesterday I grabbed two twenty ounce bottles from the local convenience store, only to discover that both had the exact same lyric on them.

Create in Your Own Way

A short look at my own creative process, how I work on numerous things at the same time. I’m not too sure if other people work this way, it’s just how I do things.

How A Country-Inspired Album Has Influenced Today’s Hard Rock Icons

An album that owes its origins to old time country music has often been cited as the all-time favorite of headlining hard rock bands like Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Motley Crue. For their iconic record, Rocks, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith drew inspiration from country music for what is often considered the band’s most rocking album.

Specific Years Memorialized In Hit Songs

The year 1984 inspired numerous song titles, only because of George Orwell’s futuristic novel that made us fear that Big Brother was watching. David Bowie, who wrote several space tunes, composed one called 1984 for his Diamond Dogs album. The hard rock band Van Halen called an entire album 1984, which included the title track as its opener.

Love African Drumming? Here Are Two Tools to Help You Find Your People

African drumming is a great group activity that brings people together – the social experience can be as important as the musical. The internet is awesome, and if you love African drumming, here are some online ways to help you find kindred spirits!

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