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Stairway To Heaven On Piano (Step By Step Lesson)

Jimmy Page

Some are left to wonder what it would be like to be considered one of the best in their field. Others, like Jimmy Page can tell you exactly what it feel like…

A Guitar Hero

What makes a legend? In the case of Jimi Hendrix, it may have a little something to do with his rendition of the National Anthem.

Eight Cool Things About The Mellow Yellow Singer Donovan

At a child’s birthday party last weekend, a relative described a freshly opened garment as mellow yellow. The remark reminded me of the singer Donovan Leitch, who scored a huge hit with a song with that rhyming two word title. That name evoked recollections of the years I spent listening to all of Donovan’s stuff, ranging from his folk-rock onset to his psychedelic late Sixties material to his more down to earth recordings of the following decade.

Tips To Consider When Choosing A Karaoke Mixer

Many fans believe karaoke mixer is a complex instrument with unclear functions. However, in reality this device without costing only the most basic karaoke system with mediocre sound quality. In a more advanced set of equipment features a karaoke mixer take on other devices. And in professional systems separate mixer rightfully occupies an important place. So, why there is a karaoke mixer and how to choose it?

How To Maintain And Look After Your Guitar

Guitars can have serious financial value to their owners – for instance Microsoft’s Paul Allen purchased Jimmy Hendrix’s famous 1968 Stratocaster which the artist used for his iconic performance at Woodstock in 1969, for $2 million. Whilst the average guitar isn’t nearly as valuable as Hendrix’s Stratocaster, most carry great sentimental value which is why it’s paramount to purchase instrument insurance in the event of loss of damage. In the meantime, a few simple precautions will help to protect your guitar from damage.

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