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Learn to play a dark chord progression on piano

St Paul and the Broken Bones Live in Bristol

St. Paul & the Broken Bones are a retro soul group with a phenomenally gifted frontman in Paul Janeway. If you get a chance to see them play, make sure and take it!

Big Band Corporate Entertainment Options

Big Band Corporate Entertainment Options for the event of the season? Who’s on your list? We offer a recognized list of live entertainment options for your corporate event, and then we offer to help you make the best picks.

The Power of Vibrations, Sound and Music

The Universe can be explained simply in one word! Vibrations! It is all vibrations. Scientists now have come to the conclusion that the universe is full of waves and vibrations. It is made out of vibrations. Scientists want to find out a theory which could explain everything or tie together all the theories so far found out. A single theory is needed. Vibrational energy will be the basic for this unifying theory.

Pro Tips for Beginner Jazz Players

Beginner jazz players have it rough. They want so badly to play their favorite tunes but are so far away from where they need to be to do that. Fortunately, you can build a better foundation for learning how to play jazz guitar and music with a few simple tips. Check out the following to get started on the right foot.

How To Easily Become A Faster Guitarist Without Moving Your Hands Any Faster

Are you having a difficult time playing guitar with speed? The reason why is you are focusing way too much on building potential guitar speed vs. building usable guitar speed.

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