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Learn ‘SUS’ Chords in 1 minute: Beginner Piano Lesson 🎹⏱✨#Shorts

Where to Find Free Music for Your Videos

There are a lot of free music sites out there, but they’re not all equal when it comes to quality and ease of use. Here’s some good things to know about royalty free music sites.

Inviting Songs That Begin With The Word Welcome

A colleague in my poetry class a few years ago claimed that a good song is like a pair of socks fresh out of the dryer, warming your feet on the cold floor in the winter. The simile worked for me, except that I kept thinking about how most of the socks I pull from my dryer come out without a mate. A better comparison for a good song, I think, would be the home of a friend.

7 Las Vegas Style Entertainment Options for Your Corporate Event

They said, “Come to Vegas, it will be so much fun!” And I took them seriously, but I really didn’t have the money, or the time to go to Las Vegas to find the right spot to host our Corporate Training Event, and I wasn’t really keen on the whole concept of spending ALL of our training time on Entertainment, so the option was Las Vegas style entertainment for our Corporate Event… Here’s what I found.

One Word Song Titles Named After a State

My pride in my musical knowledge suffered a bruise recently, while I was reading an article about former governor Huey P. long. The piece appeared in the July 16 issue of The Weekly Standard and was written by contributor Geoffrey Norman.

How Playing An Instrument Can Improve Your Brain

We all love music, there isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t like some kind of music or the other. Well, who would have thought playing music or learning to play an instrument could improve the functioning of our brains? I’m not saying it- it’s all well documented in science.

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