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Learn Piano Fast By Playing Songs (4 Songs For Beginners)

80’s Prog-Fusion Reimagined

Blue Canoe Records releases “Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence”, the debut effort from Cody Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter combines the best of 80’s synth-pop with the jazz/rock fusion of that time to create a complex, breakneck brew that both inspires and energizes.

Need a Rewarding Idea for Your App? Try These Music App Ideas

Music is that one thing that brings solace in people when life stresses them out and there is hardly any segment of the population around the world that do not love music. This article digs up some of the phenomenal ideas to include in a music application and add to phone menu of the ardent music fans.

Third Album Is Secret Treasure In The History Of The Electric Light Orchestra

Years before they gorgeously greeted Mr. Blue Sky and bade a kiss off to the Evil Woman, the Electric Light Orchestra hinted at those future hits upon releasing their third album. Appropriately titled On The Third Day, that record remains one of the best keep secrets in the band’s impressive discography.

Song Titles in Which The Four Vowels Are All The Same

Usually I do pretty well on Jeopardy categories about words, but I missed all but two of the five on the show from February 28. The subject featured words in which the only vowel in the word appears four times, such as referee, Madagascar and cookbook. Jambalaya was the very first answer, which happened to be the name of a famous song by Hank Williams, that prompted me to think of applying that subject to music.

7 Qualities Of A Competent DJ

DJs are indispensable for great occasions because they help to spice up the day. There are some hidden qualities of a DJ which goes a long way to determine success in the business. Here are seven of them.

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