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Learn how to use chord shortcuts with inversions! (beginner piano lesson) #shorts

5 Things You Need to Learn Electric Guitar

Thinking of learning electric guitar? Here are five things you want to have to do it.

Eight Classic Rock Songs That Feature A Banjo

While attending a ball game recently, I had a minor disagreement with a fellow spectator. Our difference did not arise from a controversial managerial move or an umpire’s blown call, as one would expect at a baseball game. The classic hit “Lola” by the Kinks came across the loudspeaker between innings, and I made a comment to my daughter that I should learn to play the banjo part in that song.

3 Reasons Why Guitarists Give Up Before Reaching Their Musical Goals

Becoming a great guitar player and reaching your musical goals requires dedication and perseverance in the face of challenges. Guitar players who don’t reach their musical goals give in to their frustrations and quit before they make any major breakthroughs. Don’t end up like them!

Alice Cooper Songs Provide Plenty of Potential Names For Pet Snakes

A dear friend from my childhood recently informed that he just crossed off his bucket list an item that brought back a lot of memories from our teenage years. Nearly thirty years ago on the way home from an Alice Cooper concert in Cincinnati, he told me that he one day wanted to have a pet snake like the boa constrictor that had just shared the stage with our favorite rock star. My friend now three decades later had sent me a photo of the serpent he planned to purchase, and he…

Well-Known Songs That Were Inspired By News Articles

Songs these days rarely make the headlines, even when they hit the very top of the charts. For example, you might have to dig deep into the newspaper to find the title of even the current number one single, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber. Conversely, many classic songs owe their very creations to headlines of newspaper articles, including one from an album by The Beatles that is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this summer.

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