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Learn Arpeggio MAGIC! ๐Ÿช„๐ŸŽน (Beginner Piano Lesson)

New Album By Lady Gaga Recalls Other Unusual Collaborations In Rock History

A review of Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne questioned the decision to include so many collaborations on the songs. According to the October 23 Wall Street Journal article “Can Too Many Singers Spoil the Song?”, critic Neil Shaw wonders if too many is a crowd.

Jazz and Blues – An Overview

Each music genre is unique. It comes with its own characteristics, musical influences, and even its own set of music fans. For many, jazz and blues are the same thing. In fact, many enjoy listening to what they call ‘jazz blues songs,’ despite the definition of each genre being very different. The evolution of jazz and blues began in very different geographical locations and required different skills to master. Those with a keen ear for each genre know precisely what to expect when they listen to music from each musical style.

Baseball References In Popular Songs Not Really About America’s Pastime

The regular season has been over for several weeks, and as soon as the World Series champion is crowned baseball will be put on hold until Spring Training begins in February. For true fans, and even casual ones, baseball is never really forgotten. In fact, the sport is so ingrained in our society that references to it abound in pop culture.

Why Hearing Music Is Paramount to Good Health

It looks like hearing your favorite music can instantly place you in a great mood. But researchers are actually finding that music can perform more for you personally than simply raise your spirits. Scientific studies are showing it features a number of health advantages.

Acoustics in Auditoriums – Know The Challenges And Solutions

The auditoriums are one of the important sections in educational institutions, business organizations, religious places and other public places to gather larger number of audiences. From plays, musical performances and debates to motivational lectures, auditoriums are required to cater large group of people at once.

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