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How To Read Music 🎼🎢 (Beginner Piano Lesson)

Ten New Albums To Anticipate In 2018

The past year saw several memorable fiftieth anniversaries, topped off by Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band by The Beatles in June and the Monterey Music Festival in July. Perhaps in 2067 music fans will be celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of some of the records released last year, such as Colors by Beck or War and Leisure by Miguel. This coming year also has some anniversaries to look forward to, especially of another great record by The Beatles.

Bluetooth, AirPlay and Play-Fi Audio Streaming

r from your iOS or Android device. You can do this via an app and a Wi-Fi connection (AirPlay or Play-Fi), or via Bluetooth. But it’s not that simple; there are a myriad of ways to get your audio from your phone or tablet to your speakers. I’ll try to go over the main ways this is a

Songs With Classic Spoken Word Intros

I had given it up as a lost art, much like another forgotten victim of commercialism in the world of entertainment. First it was advertising time that led to the disappearance of TV shows with catchy theme songs, such as classics like The Brady Bunch or Gilligan’s Island or even less ancient series like Full House or Friends. Then apparently came the almost complete disappearance of songs with spoken word intros, which once were staples of popular music.

Play List Of Songs By Those We Lost In 2017

When David Bowie passed away during the early part of January last year, music fans knew that 2016 would be disheartening. Shortly after Glenn Frey of the Eagles died, then the first two names in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Unfortunately, the year that is just now drawing to an end has proved to be no better.

Bands Who Consist Of Just One Member

On a recent episode of the music show Sound Opinions from National Public Radio, the two hosts discussed the topic of literal one man bands. Jim Rogatis and Greg Kot defined the term as recording artists who have played every instrument on at least one of their albums, a list including some very impressive names. The most well-known among the choices of Rogatis was Mike Oldfield, who hit the top ten with the title track from the Tubular Bells album.

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