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How To Play: Let It Snow (Christmas Piano Tutorial)

Why Use Vintage Audio Equipment

Vintage audio equipment has gained a great deal of interest in recent years. But what is its draw? Here are a few reasons it is so appealing.

Music Makes You Move

Music is one of the great motivators… whether it’s working out, just working or dancing the night away… playing the right music can determine how much we enjoy what we are doing. Music can help to get you in the “zone”, makes you want to move, and can elevate your mood.

A Ranking Of Paul McCartney’s Nine Number One Singles

Paul McCartney throughout his career has been the quintessential artist in that the best songs from his albums have never been the biggest hits. He has dozens of great songs since the disbandment of The Beatles in 1970, while also managing to record nine hits that reached the number one spot. Sir Paul’s dilemma, as well as that of many songwriters since, has been summed up by Rudyard Kipling.

Ten Popular Songs About Legends Of The Old West

The title track of the Desperado album by the Eagles was never released as a single, even though it appeared in the Top 500 songs of all time published by Rolling Stone magazine. Adding to its immortality was the fact that the song was a focus on an episode of Seinfeld, a show about different kinds of singles. It makes an ideal song for Western shows or films, as its imagery depicts cowboy themes like riding, playing cards, and sleeping outdoors.

Possible Responses To An Insult From Classic Queen Song Lyrics

An article from a British music web site inspired me to revisit not only albums from one of my favorite bands from the Nineties, but also another from twenty years earlier. Both groups released some great records but, after just one listen to each of their records, there is no question which I most enjoyed.

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