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How To Play: “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Piano Lesson

Songs That Mention Specific Prices For A Product Or Service

These days the sight of a land line phone seems like a relic from the distant past, so imagine how difficult it is for young folks now to conceive of a hand cranked phone. Actually, it has not been all that long ago that such communication devices were still in use. According to the web site of a national TV network, it was on October 11 of 1983 that the last hand-cranked phone service went dead.

3 Destructive Myths About Using A Metronome For Guitar Practice

Most “conventional wisdom” about using a metronome to practice guitar leads to ineffective practice, unnecessary mistakes and slow overall progress. Get more benefit out of your guitar practice by avoiding these 3 myths.

A Look Back At Co-Star In Bob Dylan’s Classic 1967 Film

Don’t Look Back, the D.A. Pennebaker documentary filmed during a Bob Dylan concert tour, turned fifty this year.

The Healing Powers of Divine Sound Meditation

Sound vibrations are ever present in the universe. Since ancient times spiritual masters have acknowledged the power of musical sounds which evoke our innermost feelings of bliss and happiness. Most individuals react to music in a positive way.

Bridges Immortalized In Popular Songs

As a life long baseball fan, much of my knowledge of geography came via that particular sport. As a small child, I knew where to find on a map nearly every city that had a Major League Baseball team. My daughter kind of carried on the tradition, learning much about other subjects through her love of baseball.

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