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Classical Piano Pieces To Learn From Easiest To Hardest 🎼🎢(Beginner Piano Lesson )

U2’s Joshua Tree Tour Could Inspire Similar Band Reunions For Albums Turning Thirty This Year

Since their iconic album The Joshua Tree turns thirty this year, Bono and U2 are doing a tour to celebrate the anniversary. They plan to perform in several cities in North America and Europe, starting in Vancouver on May 12 and finishing in Brussels on August 1. Fans will likely enjoy hearing the band play the songs from that album, such as the huge hits With or Without You and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

With A New Album Due Out Next Month, Here Are The Top Ten Songs From The Shins

Having already teased their fans with a single just before the holidays, the Shins have officially announced that they will release a brand new album in March. James Mercer and his band have been on hiatus since 2012, when they recorded Port of Morrow. Mercer at the time had believed that album would be the last ever for the Shins, as he chose to focus on his collaboration with his side project.

Make Music Your Muse – Melodic Tones or Hypnotic Harps – Reap Healing-Listen to Music Daily

***Reap healing or at least alter a mood by listening to various different sounds and musicians or different genres of music on a daily basis. Music can actually command a tone, mindset or even stimulate movement or provide preparation for an audience that gathers together to listen to a common event of praise and worship. Whether you prefer to unplug, decompress or plan to meditate and worship music is the great medium to get your mindset and focus ready to engage what the music, musician or the art does to elevate or change a mood into something that you want to experience, almost as if done on command. Perhaps you have a favorite artist or a favorite genre that represents the form of entertainment your ears prefer to hear. Melodies, harmonies, a creative singer that sings, on-key, it’s makes no difference to you or to me. As long as it moves your soul to a comfortable zone or mindset music is liberating and entertaining- to say the least. How grand it is to invite a mood of gratitude by listening to inviting music that invites a nice artist or nice song into your car, home or office?. ~

3 Things That Separate Great Guitar Players From Everyone Else

Want to become a great guitar player? There are 3 HUGE differences between great guitarists and mediocre guitarists. Get started becoming a great guitarist by learning them:

What To Expect Your First Time At A Live Country Music Venue

Though everyone would like to make a rousing argument for why their favorite music is superior to others, there is no denying that one of the biggest draws of fans is live country music. Country music has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years due, in part, to a dedicated attempt by country artists to make the music connect with the “everyday man”.

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