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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting The Piano ๐ŸŽน๐Ÿ˜“ (Beginner Lesson)

A History of Music Players

A short history of the devices that we have used to listen to music, from the phonograph to digital. A rich history.

Best Artists To Ever Appear On American Bandstand

Usually it is closer to New Year’s Eve when I think about the legendary Dick Clark, who famously hosted that December 31st event on national television from 1975 until 2004. However, it is another popular show he hosted that has caused me to remember Dick Clark a little earlier in the season this year. The country first became acquainted with Clark because of a weekly show called American Bandstand, which featured popular music acts of the time.

Solo Artists Who Have Teamed Up With An Established Band To Record A Hit Song

On a recent airing of American Top Forty on the local oldies station, legendary host Casey Kasem pointed out an interesting musical first that occurred for the on a week in 1974. The trivia served as part of his intro to a song that had reached the top of both the soul and pop charts at the same time earlier that year. When the now classic “Then Came You” hit number one a month before, it marked the first time that both a solo artist and a band had combined to make a song that reached the very top of the charts.

What Is The Difference Between Vibrato and Tremolo Effects?

These 2 different effects are probably the most confused effects with musicians and manufactures alike. What effects do is vary the outputted sound in some fashion, as for example the over-drive pedal which is excessively used in heavy metal bands. These effects both operate with the modulation or by changing the modulation of the sound waves.

How Should Artists for Corporate Shows Build Their Stage-Image?

This article explores the importance of creating stage image of artists during performances. At the same time, this article also asserts the ways in which the artists for corporate shows connect with their audience and drive the events towards success.

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