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1 Song, 5 Very Different Genres (Piano Lesson) ๐ŸŽนโœจ

Bands With Family In Their Names, But No Members Who Are Related

Before it brings those proverbial May flowers, the month of April will bring a brand new studio album from one of today’s most popular recording artists. Father John Misty is set to release his third record, Pure Comedy, on April 7, and he is already streaming a twenty five minute video relating to the album. In addition to his eclectic amalgamation of various musical genres, Father John Misty is also unique in another way.

With A New John Wesley Harding Album Coming Out, A Look At The Ten Best Songs From His Past

Fans of British indie rock received some great news last week. One of the pioneers of that music genre, an artist who dates all the way back to 1990, is releasing a new studio album next month.

Top Jazz Legends and Their Influence On Jazz

Jazz is one of the world’s most loved music genres. Whether enjoying one of many classic jazz standards or embracing the sounds of a local jazz musician, the melodies and improvisations originating with this style of music have forever changed the world. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most influential jazz legends in the world to see how their work changed the way music is played.

The Facts About Electric Guitars

Guitars come in many shapes and sizes and produce all kinds of sounds. Here we discover what there is to know about electric guitars.

How an Acoustic Guitar Works

A guitar is a guitar, they’re all the same. Or are they?

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